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Journalism & Publishing

Industry Overview

Extra, extra, read all about it! This just in: The publishing world continues to take a beating. Print publications have suffered for years as more and more people turn to television, radio, and the Internet as news and information sources. Stagnating print readership has prompted advertisers to spend their dollars with electronic outlets, leading many newspapers and magazines to operate with pared down staff.

In some ways the publishing and journalism landscape is strangely unchanged. A free press remains the backbone of our government. Books, newspapers, and periodicals continue to entertain, educate, and bring us the news we need to be informed citizens. They are an outlet for critical thinking—informed and otherwise.

The industry is overwhelmingly centered in New York City. Mass-market book publishing resides in a decreasing number of large corporations, some of them parts of giant worldwide entertainment conglomerates. Each of them publishes under many imprints, the publishing world's term for brands. Academic and scholarly books are mainly produced by publishing houses connected to universities. There is also a huge market for technical books for almost all occupations, from bricklayers to software engineers.

Many mass-market magazines such as Time, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, and Vanity Fair are also published in the Big Apple. So are many of the special-interest magazines published by outfits such as Hachette Filipacchi (Woman's Day, Elle, Car and Driver, and Metropolitan Home).

However, while many of the thousands of trade magazines are also published in New York, a good number are published in the centers of their respective industries: Variety is published in Hollywood, and numerous computer magazines are published in and around Silicon Valley by companies such as CMP Media.

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Journalism and Publishing Job Listings
Ad Sales Rep
Page Designer
Publication Designer